All over the world, Louis Vuitton is famous as the brand that manufactures the finest handbags, as well as other designer items like shoes, wallets, and even scarves. No matter how old they are or where they come from, ladies who take style seriously make it a point to save up for their very own Louis Vuitton bag. An LV bag from the boutique can be a bit pricey however, which is why a lot of girls go for discount Louis Vuitton bags.

Where can you get discount Louis Vuitton bags? The LV boutique doesn't go on sale, as it is part of LV's marketing strategy to keep their goods as exclusive as possible. Thus, you can only get discounted LV bags from women who want to dispose of their old Louis Vuitton purses, or from consignment shops and online outlet stores on the internet. Here are some tips to guide you while you shop for discounted LV bags online.

1. Take stock of your collection. Nearly every woman has a mental picture of what her bag collection looks like, but if you're going shopping - even if it's online and you're going to be sitting only a couple of metres away from your closet - it makes sense to remind yourself of what you already have. Dig into your cabinets and examine your shelves. You may have some bags that you'd like to repair, replace, or discard. Seeing them firsthand will help you establish what size or style of bag you need to buy.

2. Check out your LV purses. You may already have a number of LV bags in your closet. Unless it's your first time to buy LV, do check out the styles and materials that you've got. You may find some prints more useful than others. For instance, if you're a fan of the Damier line, you might want to get a Damier Azur to complement the Damier Ebene pieces in your collection.

3. Match colors and designs to your personality. "Know thyself" is a good motto when it comes to online shopping when you'll have to view many pages' worth of inventory. So you don't get overwhelmed by the choices, it's best to have an idea of what kind of bag would be most useful to you.

4. Pick a comfortable bag. We all carry our handbags differently, so choose a bag that you're most likely to be comfortable with. You can do this even without trying on the bag in question. For instance, if you like to carry your bag in your hand, you should go for a Speedy, an Alma, or other top-handle styles.

5. Be smart about value. When shopping at discounted prices, remember that a useful bag at 20% off is still a greater buy than one at 70% off that you'll never get to use.

Shopping for discount Louis Vuitton bags can be a lot of fun. Just be sure you have an idea of what you want out of your new LV bag.

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